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JR Holland Sponsor The Four Oarsmen17-Jan-2018

Here at JR Holland, we love to get involved in the community, so we have recently just sponsored ‘The Four Oarsmen (http://thefouroarsmen.com/)’. This is ..

Outstanding Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility31-Oct-2016

Building on last year's highly commended award JR Holland have continued to invest in local producers to support the local economy and to ensure North East produce is..

BBC News Article Reports 'Fruit and veg: More than five-a-day 'no effect'30-Jul-2014

New research backs the five-a-day target for fruit and vegetables, but suggests eating more may have no added benefits. An analysis of 16 worldwide studies sugges..

JR Holland Install Lead Forensics11-Jul-2014

JR Holland are glad to announce that we have now installed Lead Forensics (http://http://www.leadforensics.com/) onto our website. Lead Forensics (http://http://..

JR Holland Embraces Twitter10-Jul-2014

As part of our ever growing commitment to keep in contact and engaged with our customers and suppliers we invite you all to follow us all on Twitter @jrhollandfs (htt..

Proud of our Punnets - now thats food for thought!04-Jun-2014

Check out these beauties, fresh in this morning! Strasberries (a cross between raspberries and strawberries) and pineberries ready to delight and nourish your appetit..

John Holland owner of JR Holland Food Services and JR Holland Produce LLP02-Sep-2013

John Holland has been in the fruit and veg business all his life, and his passion for produce isn’t set to wane anytime soon as he explained to Coreena Ford. ..