Produce Wholesale Distribution

Here at JR Holland, we are known for the distribution of our wholesale produce. Whether it be to restaurants, schools or hospitals, we are committed to ensuring our produce arrives as expected, on time and of a high quality.


JR Holland Food Services is committed to helping the environment.

This is how we are meeting that commitment through our wholesale distribution:

  • JR Holland operates a returnable crate system helping to save hundreds of tonnes of cardboard and wooden packaging every year.
  • JR Holland currently recycles 80 per cent of its packaging from suppliers.
  • Our advanced IT tracking and routing systems ensure that drivers optimise fuel efficiency.
  • Advanced driver training ensures maximum fuel efficiency.
  • A significant proportion of our produce is collected by us on backhaul, to reduce transportation of empty trucks
Our commitment to minimising the impact on the environment means JR Holland use only returnable plastic crates to deliver our fresh produce. This means we can eliminate hundreds of tonnes of packaging waste. JR Holland’s plastic crates can be used again and again. That means less waste for JR Holland and less waste for our customers. As a result we’re minimising our environmental impact by:
  • Using 250,000 fewer cardboard and wooden boxes every year.
  • Saving over 1000 tonnes of cardboard and paper waste a year.


Here at JR Holland we Think Green and Act Green. JR Holland is focused on minimising our impact on the environment. We’re achieving that by reducing carbon emissions through advanced driver training and the latest environmental technology:

  • JR Holland uses Euro 5 vehicles, where fridges have direct drive units, removing the need for diesel dependant fridges.
  • Monitoring fuel versus mileage in conjunction with driver training, which is aimed at more efficient driving techniques.
  • The use of SmartDrive cameras within the cabs which help provide feedback to drivers and monitor improvements following training.

We Deliver to

School & Universities

Pubs, Hotels & Resturants

Local Independent Eateries

Local Authorities

Independent, Contract & Workplace caterers

Health Care Providers

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